Our Story

Our lifetime love of animals has motivated us to open our very own boutique store to offer animal lovers like you a chance to purchase some essential, some cool and some useful items or accessories either for yourself or your beloved pets.

For your pets we wanted to include products that are very important for the safety of your pet. We searched extensively for good quality items such as the GPS Dog Collar and Dog Seat Belt. Your pets safety is important and we hope to help.

For you, we didn't just want novelty items that you would use or wear just, we wanted to focus on more fashionable items that fit in to currents trends. 

Why the name Petilly?

Well we'd love to explain the whole creative process, however there wasn't really one because we have a Pet cat called illy...put them together and that's the best name we could muster!

Introducing illy...

This is our British Shorthair cat called illy. He's just so adorable and cute. He loves to talk in the mornings, we're not sure exactly what he's saying but it's something to do with the words 'FEED ME NOW' He's a very affectionate cat and keeps us very busy as we have to clean his cat hair from literally every corner of our home. Here he is:

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